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Title: Casper on PS1 ... and GBC!!!
Post by: Elf on March 19, 2017, 07:02:34 pm
Why is nobody talking about this. I don't understand it. I googled for hours and hours but NOTHING.  The PS1 game CASPER was a strange, eerie game. But no matter how hard  I search there is NOTHING connecting this game to the Game Boy Color ... Even though it's exactly the same game!!! I am serious! The PS1 GAME is on GAMEBOY COLOR. Has nobody seriously not noticed this yet before?!

And what makes this even worse, is the GBC version makes no sense by existing. Didn't the GBC come out in like 1999 or something? The Casper film was already 3 years old by this time and the PS1 version 2 years old. Why make a GBC version so late!!??