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Listed below are all the non-playable characters you'll meet in the game,  or as we like to call them, the "less hostile" clowns. But remember, none of them can be trusted... 



It wont be long before you get sick of seeing this money-grabbing, coniving clown that wants nothing more than to rob you of all your well earned bubbles. He often blocks your path from Level 3 onwards demanding money from you in order to let you past, unlock doors, or just generally give you important information.  Everything he has to offer is over-priced, and he always seems to come along at the worst times... ie; when you don't have much money. 


Carnie Clown


You'll meet quite a few of these mohawked carnies and you'll first encounter them on Level 2. They are the games masters, in charge of the games challenges, but being insiders, they can also offer you information that can be incredibly valuable. Never pass an opportunity to speak to them, they almost always have something important to say. Just don't follow their smoking habits. 




These nasty, unco-operative clowns are the rudest, most disrespectful characters you'll meet in the game. They may not be trying to blow your head off or eat you alive, but they will insult in an incredible amount of ways, often telling jokes that put you down or make you look bad. If they do for whatever reason choose to give you information other than insults, be sure they will throw an insult there with it.



These guys are quite possibly the only characters in the game that are "on your side" so to speak. These clowns have discovered that the world in which they live is not pleasant, and actually show concern for your wellbeing. However, this realisation has led them to become extremely depressed and some of them are even suicidal, thinking up new ways to end their miserable lives. Some of these offer hints to secret areas or other important info. Always worth talking to them, if you can handle their negative statements.



The merchants in the game are considerably useful. You first meet them on level 2 and you're going to need them in order to survive sometimes. Their services do cost bubbles, but when ammo or food is low, they are an absolute lifesaver. They are very laid back, almost hippie-like, and seem to be high 95% of the time. 

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