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Here you can learn about all the monsters you will encounter in the game. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!


Giggle the Clown


Giggle the Clowns are maniacs equipped with Pop Guns. They are reasonably weak, are not the best shot and can't take too much damage, but don't let that fool you. If they manage to outnumber you, you could be set for a one way ticket to the boneyard. Killing them earns you some Clown Pops for your Pop Gun. On rare occasion, they may even drop some bubbles... but not many.




Crackpots are quite dangerous. Especially if you find yourself facing off against more than one at a time. Which will happen often. Crackpot is equipped with a Clown Shot and can blast quite a few wholes in you should they get the chance. They are fairly decent shot too, which means you're gonna be needing a lot of healing if you don't watch your back. On the plus side, killing them will earn you their Clown Shot and maybe even a bit of bubble currency.




Ditso's are quite possibly the most deadly of the standard clown enemies. They carry a Carnival Gun which will tear major holes in your body if you're not on guard at all times, and if you're up against more than one of them - which happens as early on as the second level - you're fucked. Well, at least if you're not careful. Killing them however will earn you quite a bit of bubble currency and a box of Clown Pops so grab that. 




The Hobo Clown first makes its appearance in level 3, and act almost identical to the Giggles the Clowns. The only real difference between these two, apart from their appearance, is that killing the Hobo will cause them to drop a Candycane and a little more currency (why hobo clowns have more currency than whitefaces is a mystery). There is no other real difference between these two. The Hobo Clowns hate the whitefaces with a passion, and they often slaughter each other.



Puncture Pop


 These maniacs want nothing more than to shove a shiv in your ribs. They are fast, surprisingly resilliant and will attack you in groups most of the time. They are first encountered in level 5, The Prison of Trapped Smiles. A lot of them will be in cells but dont get to close to the bars... they can still stab you. And of course... don't let them out either. Don't expect the CO's in the prison to help you either. You're on your own.



These huge clowns will absolutely obliterate you if they get sight of you. They are massive, and carry two Carnival Guns that will shred you to pieces. These should be dealt with with extreme caution, using strategy and your surroundings to deal with them carefully. Also, they drop a huge chunk of bubble currency when they are killed. Is it worth it...? What do you think?




BamBam the Clowns are nearly identicle to BomBom's, except that their attack pattern is slightly different. Whereas the BomBom's fire at you rapidly, the BamBam's fire two blasts at a time. Other than this, they share pretty much the same attributes. 






These creepy monsters are first encountered in I Scream Lane, and they float atop a cloud an lob fireballs at you. They are not very fast, but they can do a lot of damage. They can also hit you up close, giving them two variations of their attack. They usually appear from atop high out of reach places and decend on you taking you by surprise. Be very careful when in their vicinity. They can really damage you.





The Wizards are one of the more annoying magical monsters. They do not move or pursue you in anyway. Instead, they prefer to stand on high up out of reach places and fire projectiles at you with their magic spells from a distance. At least they are easy to get out of sight of since they won't bother following you. Just be careful - if they are high up they will get a good shot at you.





Sacred Clowns may be the worst thing you encounter in this game with the exception of the bosses. They are fast, and can kill you almost instantly with their throwing stars. But that's not even the worst part. They are also able to resurrect other dead clowns you have shot down and this can become overwhelming. Take these out quickly and carefully or suffer the consequences.









Ghosts are first encountered in the Spook House in level 2, and to be fair, they are rare. But they are deadly fast. Once they catch sight of you, they will reveal a skeltal face and attack you. They can zip across great distances almost instantly and even take a good few shots to kill. And on top of that, they don't even drop anything for you to harvest. Good thing they're quite rare then


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